ASSE Extends Into Egypt

The American Society\r\nof Safety Engineers Executive Director Fred Fortman recently met with\r\nEgyptian business and government leaders to address an Egyptian ASSE\r\nsection of occupational safety and health professionals.

Workplace safety is becoming an integral part of the international marketplace. In an effort to educate and help with the implementation of workplace safety initiatives internationally, the American Society of Safety Engineers'' (ASSE) Executive Director Fred Fortman met with Egyptian business and government leaders to address an Egyptian ASSE section of occupational safety and health professionals.

Fortman addressed the new ASSE Egyptian section in Cairo, along with dignitaries and company representatives on the topic of ASSE''s impact on workplace safety, the needs of business and government safety concerns and some of the existing roadblocks.

"I have seen a real enthusiasm by all parties to embrace and implement the best workplace safety initiatives in a continued effort to save lives and reduce injuries," said Fortman. "One area that needs to be addressed is the fact that much of the safety and protection equipment needed for various workplaces, such as for the petroleum industry, is imported from outside Egypt. However, I do believe everyone involved here in Egypt is on the right path to increasing safety in the workplace."

The Egyptian ASSE section, headed by Ahmed Motaal, joins other international ASSE sections that include Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

In total, ASSE has 148 chapters, 55 sections and 54 student sections.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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