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ANSI Z10 Standards Committee Formed

AIHA, the Secretariat for ANSI Z10 committee, is seeking to identify individuals interested in\r\nparticipating on this committee.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) was recently named the Secretariat for ANSI Z10, the Accredited Standards Committee for Occupational Health and Safety Systems.

The secretariat is seeking to identify individuals interested in participating on this committee.

AIHA encourages parties that are directly affected to identify subject matter experts who can make a significant time commitment to participate in this process.

Participation in ANSI Z10 will be possible in three ways:

  • Individuals may become full members of the committee (or subcommittees).
  • Individuals may also participate through mailing list/observer status.
  • Individuals may participate through the public comment periods at different stages in the ANSI process.

In addition, individuals may participate as nonvoting, technical resources. Full and technical resource members will be expected to have subject matter expertise and be able to devote approximately 80 hours (per year) to the process.

In addition, the committee will be formed to ensure participation and broad balance among the interest categories defined in the accreditation process.

The scope of the ANSI Z10 standard is to:

  • develop a standard of management principles and systems to help organizations design and implement deliberate and documented approaches to continuously improve their occupational health and safety (OHS) performances.

Anyone interested in participating in the process should complete and application and submit it to AIHA.

A copy of the application and additional information about committee formation can be obtained at the AIHA Web site,

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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