Future Use of Internet To Be Explored By EPA

Will the Internet play a continuing role in the dissemination of\r\ninformation by government agency's, such as EPA?

Will the Internet play a continuing role in the dissemination of information by government agency''s, such as EPA?

The EPA''s annual Web World Internet Conference, July 19-20, will attempt to answer this question by exploring the agency''s current and future uses of the Internet.

Participating in the conference will be stakeholders from environmental organizations, academia and the regulated community.

The agenda will include information security and integration, privacy, public participation in government information dissemination, extracting federal information for community use, expanded ways of using government information and international views of environmental information.

The conference will take place at the amphitheater of the International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. Registration is free.

Further information is available at: www.epa.gov/webworld.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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