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Corporate Leaders To Discuss 'Top-Down' Safety

A panel of top-level executives will discuss the role of corporate leaders in the workplace at the upcoming National Safety Council (NSC) Congress in Orlando, Fla.


What is the role of senior corporate leaders in the workplace?

A panel of top-level executives from Delphi Automotive Systems, Fisher Tank Co. and Yokohama Tire Co. will discuss that question at a keynote session with National Safety Council (NSC) President Gerard Scannell during the council''s Congress & Expo 2000 in Orlando, Fla. in October.

John Stossel of ABC''s "20/20" will moderate the free-wheeling discussion.

Earlier this year NSC unveiled its "Safety Agenda for the Nation."

One key recommendation in the agenda was that corporate leaders take personal responsibility for infusing a culture of safety in the workplace and committing to a corporate code of safety ethics.

The three executives on the panel have taken this kind of initiative in their own companies.

The panelists are Mark C. Lorenz, vice president of operations and logistics, Delphi Automotive Systems; Leo Pasini, president, Fisher Tank Co.; and James L. Hawk, vice president of manufacturing, Yokohama Tire Corp.

All three have seen how executive commitment to safety has transformed their companies.

Pasini believes "top-down safety" is an essential aspect of getting the job done.

"Safety is, first of all, the morally correct thing to do," said Pasini.

But safety also has bottom-line effects that senior management can appreciate.

"It''s just good business," continued Pasini. "Cost-wise, for a company of our size, it is key to whether you''re very successful or an also-ran."

Attendees can expect to hear inside information from this session on how safety professionals can get every level of the company involved in safety by starting at the top.

The Corporate Leaders Panel is just one of 145 comprehensive technical sessions at Congress & Expo, which takes place Oct. 16-18 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

For more information on Congress & Expo 2000, visit NSC''s Web site at

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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