Neb. Meat Processors Partner For Safer Workplaces

Members of Nebraska's meat processing industry have united to help reduce injuries and fatalities through partnership and outreach.

Members of Nebraska''s meat processing industry along with safety and health organizations recently united in a cooperative program designed to help industry members reduce injuries and fatalities through partnership and outreach.

Reductions in worker compensation costs and improved worker morale are the anticipated results of the program.

Companies throughout Nebraska, including Conagra Beef Co., Excel Corp., Greater Omaha Packing Co., Henningsen Foods, and IBP, have teamed with OSHA, the Safety and Health Council of Greater Omaha, Nebraska Safety Council and United Food and Commercial Workers Union representatives in an effort to provide Nebraska workers with the safest and healthiest workplace possible.

Many employers already have active safety and health programs and have active safety and health programs and have volunteered to mentor smaller or less knowledgeable companies to help them develop, implement or improve effective safety and health programs.

The safety programs of employers volunteering to participate in the partnership will be enhanced greatly, according to OSHA.

Selected OSHA inspections of voluntary participants will focus on upon developing protections from hazards typically associated with the industry (i.e., ergonomics, hearing conservation, personal protective equipment, lockout/tagout of hazardous energy, and confined space entry).

Additionally, OSHA hopes this collaborative outreach effort will provide early detection of potential problems which could significantly reduce the number of hazards found within the industry.

Non-participants would receive a comprehensive safety and health inspection if selected for inspection.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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