National Enzyme Co. Approved for OSHA VPP

OSHA recently approved National Enzyme Co. of Forsyth, Mo., for\r\nparticipation in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

OSHA recently approved National Enzyme Co. of Forsyth, Mo., for participation in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

A ceremony recognizing the company''s safety and health efforts will take place tomorrow.

"In evaluating the safety and health program, the OSHA review team found effective safety and health management, employee training and involvement, and appropriate resources," said Charles Adkins, OSHA regional administrator. "We were impressed with the participation of top level management in the firm''s safety and health program and believe it is the key to its effectiveness."

National Enzyme manufactures enzyme-based nutritional supplements and employs approximately 80 workers.

VPP participants are a select group of facilities that have designed and implemented outstanding safety and health programs.

Participants in VPP have shown that an investment in the OSHA program is an effective allocation of resources.

VPP sites experience fewer employee injuries and illnesses, reduced workers'' compensation costs, improved productivity, improved employee morale, and recognition in the community.

A worksite approved for VPP is not targeted by OSHA for a regularly scheduled programmed inspection, though it must, continue to comply with all OSHA regulations.

There are approximately 626 worksites in the United States in the VPP.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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