Company Believes Safety is Good Business

With eight VPP Star sites throughout the country,\r\nMotorola Inc. believes making safety a priority has contributed to its success.

With eight large VPP Star sites throughout the United States, Motorola Inc. believes making safety a priority in how and why it does business has contributed to its success.

Rich Guymond, vice president of corporate health and safety for Motorola, told attendees at the VPPPA conference Monday in Seattle that a company needs to have a vision and a legacy.

"Our vision and legacy is an injury-free workplace," said Guymond. "VPP makes good business sense. There is a myth that safety costs money. We argue that safety excellence is a competitive advantage."

Guymond said this competitive advantage comes from treating employees as a precious resource.

"It is possible to improve productivity and quality without compromising the safety your workers," said Guymond. "One of our guiding principles is respecting our people."

Guymond believes Motorola has been so successful in safety because the company applies ISO 14001 and VPP principles to its safety and health management systems around the world.

"We incorporate VPP in the way we do business around the world," said Guymond. "And I challenge other companies to help spread the VPP word."

Employee involvement is another part of Motorola''s safety and health program. "In our VPP sites, our employee support is awesome," said Guymond. "VPP gives employees a chance to get involved and take ownership in company safety and health. If safety and health in the workplace is an expectation it will promote job satisfaction."

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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