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OSHA Unveils Partnership Web Site

OSHA has launched a new page on its Web site that highlights\r\nsuccessful safety and health partnerships and encourages new\r\nvoluntary partnerships to reduce workplace injuries and\r\nillnesses.

OSHA has launched a new page on its Web site that highlights successful safety and health partnerships and encourages new voluntary partnerships in order to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

The new page is available at

Under the banner of "Partner with OSHA: New Ways of Working," the new site describes nearly 80 current partnerships.

Many of these joint ventures focus on areas addressed in OSHA''s Strategic Plan.

The site also provides information on public and private collaborations as well as a step-by-step guide on how to initiate new partnerships.

"We are always striving for new and effective ways to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses," said OSHA Administrator Charles Jeffress. "This site highlights successful partnerships and offers recommendations on ways to establish new working relationships and address our common goal of improving workplace safety."

Program partners can receive outreach, training, technical assistance and on-site consultation services.

OSHA incentives offered to partnering employers include focused inspections limited to only the most serious hazards, reduced fines, no penalties or citations for other-than-serious violations and new opportunities to share safety and health program expertise and resources.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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