Suspect Apprehended After Posing as Cal/OSHA Inspector

A suspect, impersonating a Cal/OSHA inspector, was arrested and charged for victimizing several small business owners in the Los Angeles County area.

A paroled felon who allegedly victimized several minority-owned small businesses in the Los Angeles County area by posing as a Cal/OSHA inspector, was recently arrested in a joint Cal/OSHA sting operation conducted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney''s Major Crimes Unit.

The suspect, Mark Dwyane Jackson, threatened to impose severe monetary fines and penalties for non-existent safety violations unless the owner agreed to a cash settlement.

In return, Jackson promised not to issue citations against them.

Jackson presented false OSHA identification cards bearing the name of one of the inspectors with the Cal/OSHA Anaheim High Hazard Unit.

Jackson was apprehended after a business owner agreed to be wired and pass marked money to the suspect.

The suspect was arrested at the scene of the owner''s business.

After a search warrant was obtained, investigation of Jackson''s home and vehicle turned up evidence of OSHA paraphernalia and false OSHA identification cards bearing a colored photograph of the suspect and the name of a Cal/OSHA inspector.

Also discovered were names and addresses of other potential business victims.

The suspect will be charged with impersonating a state officer.

"We hope business owners take heed of this case in Los Angeles to avoid a similar experience," said John Howard, Cal/OSHA chief. "Impersonation of a Cal/OSHA inspector undermines the real work of Cal/OSHA which is to protect workplace safety and health."

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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