House Continues Budget Battle, Senate Leaves

Hopes of passing the Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services bill this week were dashed as the Senate decided to adjourn until Nov. 14.

Hopes for completing work on the remaining appropriations bill were dashed Wednesday as the Senate decided to adjourn unil Nov. 14, effectively assuring the third lame-duck session of Congress in the past six years.

House Republicans have decided to stay in Washington and continue their budget battle with the Clinton Administration at least through today.

Congress on Wednesday approved its 12th temporary measure to keep federal offices running. But unlike the 24-hour extension approved by the House, the Senate voted on stopgag legislation taking them to Nov. 14, seven days after the Presidential election.

The Clinton administration signed the temporary spending measure to keep the federal governement funded until it can come to a resolution with Congress over the budget bill.

One of the major disputes is the $350 million Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services bill, which includes a rider that prevents the government from issuing OSHA''s proposed ergonomic standard in Fiscal Year 2001.

Clinton accussed the GOP leadership of giving in to pressure from business groups that oppose the OSHA rule.

Republicans want assurances that the rules won''t be implemented until next year when they hope that George W. Bush, as the next president, will be able to stop them.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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