Holiday Safety: Tip No. 1

Safety tips for the holiday season will appear daily on this Web site from now until Dec. 25.

In the coming days, EHS Today will offer safety tips for the holiday season. From now until Dec. 25, look for suggestions on home, driving and winter weather safety. Remember to make this season not only enjoyable, but safe as well.

The holidays can be stressful for many people who already feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and commitments at work. To make the holiday happier and healthier, United Behavioral Health, a managed behavioral health organization, offers the following advice:

1. Set realistic expectations.

2. Take the time to plan in advance what you want to accomplish. Include deadlines for buying or making gifts and mailing packages.

3. Don''t be afraid to say "No." You don''t have to accept every invitation.

4. Set a budget and stay within it. The tendency to overspend during the holidays can lead to year-round troubles.

5. Exercise to loosen up your body, burn off holiday treats and relieve tension.

6. Slow down your pace for eating, drinking and driving.

7. Play it safe. If you''ve been drinking, don''t drive.

8. Sleep. Try to keep your schedule close to normal and try to get enough rest.

9. Try to do your shopping in one place.

10. Don''t forget that the reason for the holiday season is to celebrate your beliefs with your loved ones.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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