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Workplace Injury, Illness Rates Declined in 1999

Workplace injury and illness rates declined in 1999 for the\r\nseventh straight year, said Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman.

Workplace injury and illness rates declined in 1999 for the seventh straight year -- nearly a 30 percent drop since 1992, Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman announced Tuesday.

Herman said that this steady trend downward shows that employers and workers are making occupational safety and health a high priority.

Injuries and illnesses dropped 4 percent in 1999 even though employment rose 2 percent.

"That means 200,000 more workers went home to their families without a job-related injury or illnesses," noted Herman.

"I am delighted with the progress we have made together with workers and employers in job safety and health during the Clinton Administration," she continued. "We said we would measure our success by whether injuries and illnesses declined. They have -- continuously and significantly. These efforts must continue until every worker goes home whole and healthy every day.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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