Holiday Safety: Tip No. 11

Tips for avoiding hazardous slips and falls off-the-job this winter.

Avoid hazardous slips and falls off-the-job this winter. The Hartford, an international insurance and financial services company, offers the following hints to prevent accidents while enjoying your holidays.

  • Prevent slips and falls on icy walkways and steps by keeping them clear of snow and ice.
  • Be prepared for bad weather; stock up on sand and road salt before the first flakes begin to fall.
  • Clear walkways, sidewalks, porches and entrances of any obstructions such as toys, bikes, fallen leaves and gardening equipment.
  • Keep entrances, porches, yards and sidewalks well lit.
  • When installing outdoor decorations, use a ladder that is sturdy, well built and in good condition. Make sure it is angled about 75 degrees and the footings are secured.
  • Don''t climb a wet or frost-covered roof; you risk slipping off. Similarly, don''t climb a ladder with wet or muddy shoes.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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