Texas Company Cited After Spill, Exposure

OSHA cited Bayer Corp. in Baytown, Texas, for safety and health\r\nviolations, with penalties, totaling $135,900.

OSHA cited Bayer Corp. in Baytown, Texas, for safety and health violations, with penalties, totaling $135,900.

The OSHA investigation began July 6 after a contract worker notified the agency of a Methylenedianiline (MDA -- a regulated carcinogen) spill and clean up, and the subsequent exposures.

Bayer employs approximately 1,200 workers and contract with about 1,300 workers.

OSHA''s inspection of the company resulted in three willful, three serious and one other-than-serious violation.

The three willful violations were for failing to alert employees, who may have been exposed to MDA, of an emergency; failing to establish regulated areas, and failing to ensure that employees use appropriate protective work clothing and equipment.

The three serious violations were for failing to ensure that employees remove MDA contaminated work clothing and equipment; failing to place the MDA contaminated work clothes and equipment into closed containers, and failing to institute exposure monitoring.

The other-than-serious violation was not recording an injury/illness on the log and summary no later than six days.

Bayer has 15 working days from receipt of the citations to comply or contest them.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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