N.Y. Store Cited For Willful Safety Violations

OSHA cited Party City Corp., Bronx, N.Y., and proposed penalties\r\nof $111,150 against the firm for two violations of OSHA standards.

OSHA cited Party City Corp., Bronx, N.Y., and proposed penalties of $111,150 against the firm for two alleged willful and five alleged serious violations of OSHA standards.

According to OSHA, the action results from an investigation conducted from July 5 through Oct. 19, 2000 at the party-supply store following a complaint concerning a locked fire exit.

OSHA alleges that the company willfully violated OSHA''s fire protection standard by failing to keep exits unlocked and unobstructed in order to provide means of free escape from the building.

The alleged serious violations for which the employer was cited included:

  • failure to properly train employees in the use of fire extinguishers and hazards associated with their use;
  • failure to provide handrails on stairs;
  • failure to provide directional exit signs;
  • failure to properly stack boxes so as to prevent their falling on employees; and
  • failure to properly secure helium cylinders during use.

The company has until Jan. 23 to contest the citations.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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