'Plain Language' Workplace Poster Available in Spanish

The Spanish language version of OSHA's new 'plain language' poster\r\nis available on the agency's Web site.

The Spanish language version of OSHA''s new ''plain language'' poster is available.

The free poster can be downloaded online at www.osha.gov/oshpubs/poster2.html.

"Lo Establece Le Ley" or "It''s the Law" describes workers'' rights to a safe and healthful workplace.

"Workers need information about how to protect themselves if there are unsafe or unhealthful conditions in the workplace," said OSHA Administrator Charles Jeffress. "Offering clear descriptions of employees'' rights in Spanish as well as in English is an important step in reaching out to ensure that every worker understands the protections provided by OSHA."

The previous edition of the OSHA poster is still valid: employers are not required to replace it with the new version, although they are required to post an OSHA notice of employee rights in a prominent location, according to the agency.

The poster, in keeping with the goals of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government explains how workers may file a complaint, report an emergency or seek OSHA advice, all with the right of confidentiality.

OSHA noted that employers in states operating OSHA-approved state plans should obtain and post the state''s equivalent poster if there is one.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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