Whitman Wins Senate Confirmation

New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman was approved unanimously by the Senate\r\nyesterday to head EPA.

New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman was approved by the Senate yesterday to head EPA. The Senate voted unanimously 99-0 to confirm Whitman.

Whitman, 54, a two-term Republican governor will resign her post one year shy of completing her second and final term.

"It''s an honor," said Whitman of her new job at EPA. "There are hard decisions to be made with this agency, and you can''t make everybody happy."

Sources in Washington have said that the Bush Administration is going to make important policy shifts on the environment where environmental policy will once again become a rule of law and process.

Former EPA head Carol Browner brought an impressive environmental resume to the top job at EPA, but Whitman brings to the table her political skills and the ability to strike a balance between conflicting interests group.

At a Dec. 22, press conference announcing her nomination Whitman said, "Having served as governor, I know what it''s like to be on the receiving end of mandates from Washington."

One of Whitman''s first tests as EPA administrator could be the issue of recently released diesel fuel rules. During her confirmation hearing last week, Whitman told senators that she would review the rules released in the final days of the Clinton Administration to see if changes are needed.

The stricter diesel rules have been vigorously opposed by the oil industry.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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