Pa. Company Receives Award For Safety Excellence

Trumbull Corp. of West Mifflin, Pa., received the Governor's Award for Safety Excellence for reducing illness and injury by more than 35 percent in the past three years.

Trumbull Corp. of West Mifflin, Pa., was awarded the Governor''s Award for Safety Excellence.

The company has reduced illness and injury by more than 35 percent in the past three years.

"This is an outstanding example of worker-management cooperation making a real and lasting difference in our workplaces and our lives," said Christopher Masciantonio, labor and industry deputy secretary for Pennsylvania''s Safety and Labor-Management Relations Department. "The management and workers at Trumbull provide a great example of a high-quality workplace where safety is a top priority."

At Trumbull, a general contractor for the bridge and highway industry, workers and management have participated in a cooperative workplace safety committee for more than 20 years.

All employees are expected to establish and maintain a safe working environment, comply with applicable safety laws and follow regulations.

"We at Trumbull understand the importance of having proper safety policies and procedures in place," said George Mezey, president. "We have taken a step further by instilling a company culture that believes you can work safe and attain financial success at the same time."

The joint worker-management safety committee conducts monthly safety team meetings and has implemented substance-abuse programs, a return-to-work program and employee safety recognition awards.

The Governor''s Award for Safety Excellence is part of Gov. Tom Ridge''s PENNSAFE, Pennsylvania Safety First, workplace initiative.

This effort includes outreach to Pennsylvania employers and employees, technical assistance and recognition of successful workplace-safety programs.

Since the program began in 1996, the number of joint worker-management workplace safety committees in the state has increased from 400 to more than 4,300 committees covering more than 595,000 employees.

"Through joint labor and management efforts, workplace fatalities are at historic lows," said Masciantonio. "I am proud to say that workplace injuries statewide have dropped 30 percent since 1995 -- to the lowest point in nearly four decades."

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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