Roadway Express Reaches New Safety Record

Roadway Express Inc.'s Dallas, Texas, relay has attained a new safety record for 20,600,000 miles\r\ndriven without a preventable accident.

Roadway Express Inc. has attained a new safety record for miles driven without a preventable accident.

The milestone record of 20,600,000 miles driven was set by the company''s Dallas, Texas, relay linehaul drivers.

"We are all very proud of our safety record. This exemplary performance by our professional drivers here in Dallas is a clear indication of their commitment to improving highway safety by putting to use their extensive defensive driving training," said Mike Houston, Dallas relay manager.

Contributing to the safe mile record are the 258 road drivers for the Dallas relay.

Individual safety records have also been achieved at the relay. Forty-one of those drivers have reached one million accident-free miles, 26 have driven 2 million miles without a preventable accident and one driver has driven 3 million safe miles.

"With superior employee performance such as exists in Dallas, I am confident that this dedication can make our company the safest in the industry," said James Staley, Roadway president and chief operating officer. "This success is testimony to the pride and commitment our engaged workforce has while serving our customers and working safely."

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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