Canadian Companies Take Top Honors For Workplace Safety

The annual Worksafe Award sponsored by the Workers' Compensation\r\nBoard (WCB) of Alberta, Canada was presented to Chemco Electrical\r\nContractors and Davco Machine.

The annual Worksafe Award sponsored by the Workers'' Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta, Canada was presented to Chemco Electrical Contractors and Davco Machine for their dedication to the health and safety of their employees and contractors.

This is the third year the Worksafe Award has been presented to recognize corporate commitment to safety in the workplace.

This year also marks the first time the award was presented in two categories -- one for large employers (100 or more full-time employees) and the second for small employers (fewer than 100 full-time employees).

"I applaud Chemco and Davco for their commitment to staff health and safety programs which focus on the prevention and management of workplace injuries and illnesses," said Mary Cameron, WCB president and CEO. "Both of these organizations have challenged themselves to be the best and have as a cornerstone of their programs the commitment of management and employees."

Davco Machine took top spot in the small employer category. Its proactive approach to workplace safety has led to the establishment of a safety committee, development of a safety manual and the adoption of a company safety policy with input, guidance and support from all employees.

The company''s safety program extends beyond the workplace, encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyles and take an active role in identifying opportunities to improve practices.

The winner of the large employer category, Chemco Electrical Contractors, introduced a corporate-wide health and safety program after consultation with management and all employees.

Key elements of their program include an extensive employee and subcontractor training program, a new employee orientation and mentoring program, incident reporting, a modified work program and an on-the-job exercise program.

The on-the-job exercise program includes a series of stretching exercises before and during work. Management and employees have embraced the stretching program, which has become part of their culture and has resulted in a reduction in the number and severity of workplace strains.

"The continued support that this award receives from Alberta businesses and industries indicates they are recognizing the positive impact an effective staff health and safety program has on their employees, their business and their bottom line," said Cameron. "An increased focus on safety is the strongest tool employers and workers have in affecting premium rates and reducing the number of injured workers in the WCB system."

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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