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Mich. Company Wins Ergonomic Innovation Award

The Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services presented the Ergonomic Innovation Award to Radar Industries of\r\nWarren, Mich.


The Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services (CIS) presented the Ergonomic Innovation Award to Radar Industries of Warren, Mich.

The Ergonomic Innovation Award is issued to employers by the CIS Bureau of Safety and Regulation''s (BSR) Consultation Education & Training (CET) Division for innovative ideas, which have been implemented to reduce worker strain.

"As Radar Industries expanded into a new location, they incorporated ergonomic principles into their design process and created a facility which will help prevent ergonomic injuries," said CIS Director Kathleen Wilbur. "We applaud their outstanding efforts to protect the safety and health of their workers."

Radar Industries is a world leader in automotive stampings and assemblies, and has three factories in the greater Detroit area with nearly 200 employees.

"This award is a direct reflection of our commitment to the health and safety of our employees," said Radar Industries President Dave Zmyslowski. "Because of the combined efforts of our manufacturing, human resources and maintenance departments, ergonomic considerations are taken into account when implementing new projects such as this. We are appreciative of this award, and pride ourselves in our ongoing commitment to make safety our number one priority,"

During the installation of new equipment at the Warren manufacturing facility, ergonomic features were a part of the layout and design, particularly with the press room and welding equipment.

Specifically, Radar Industries used ergonomic principles to: adjust the height of press beds; determine the location and height of exit conveyors; and decide the location of welding equipment.

These modifications allowed the company to reduce the force or weight of certain operations, improve tool angle use, improve the body posture of employees and provide body support.

The Warren facility employs approximately 40 workers, and has had one recordable injury since they opened in May 2000.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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