VPPPA Member Appointed to NACOSH

VPPPA member Salvatore Bonfiglio was appointed and has recently\r\nstarted to serve on the 12-member National Advisory Committee on\r\nOccupational Safety and Health.

VPPPA member Salvatore Bonfiglio was appointed and has recently started to serve on the 12-member National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH).

The appointment was made by the secretary of labor on Dec. 5, 2000, and is one of two reserved to represent the business interests of the United States.

Nominated last June by VPPPA to serve on NACOSH, Bonfiglio was officially appointed during the last NACOSH meeting.

As corporate director of safety and risk management with Aventis Behring LLC, Bonfiglio is in charge of safety, health and environmental performance for industrial facilities worldwide.

"It is an honor for Aventis Behring to have one of its associates appointed to such a prestigious position within the federal regulatory arena," said Bonfiglio. "As U.S. industry evolves towards the healthcare and biologics areas, the regulatory community is paying more attention to businesses like Aventis Behring. This is a good time for use to be working with OSHA."

Bonfiglio received his bachelor''s degree in occupational safety and health from the State University of New York, and has 20 years experience working with safety issues in the workplace.

He currently serves as co-chair of the VPPPA''s Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Committee and served as chapter chair of VPPPA''s Region II board from 1995-97.

NACOSH was established by the OSH Act of 1970 to advise the secretary of labor and the secretary of health and human services on occupational safety and health programs and policies.

All members are selected upon the basis of their experience and competence in the field of occupational safety and health.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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