OSHA, Shipbuilders Form Partnership to Improve Safety

Shipbuilders safety and health will be enhanced by a\r\npartnership between OSHA and the Shipbuilders Council of America\r\n(SCA), Houston area.

Shipbuilders safety and health in Houston will be enhanced by a partnership between OSHA and the Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA), Houston area.

The objective of the agreement is to prevent serious accidents within the shipbuilding industry through increased training and enhanced safety and health programs.

SCA is the national trade association representing the shipyard industry that builds, repairs and services all types of military and commercial vessels.

The association represents 50 shipyard companies that own and operate more than 120 shipyards in 23 states. Seven members are in the greater Houston area and they operate 20 shipyards.

Under the partnership, OSHA will provide assistance in safety and health program enhancement to eligible employers who request it.

OSHA will conduct inspections to verify that the employer''s performance under the agreement will focus on eliminating amputations, falls, electrical hazards, confined spaces hazards, lead and silica over-exposures, and other sources of injuries.

While participation in the partnership is voluntary, OSHA anticipates that employers will experience a decrease in workplace accidents and illnesses and a decrease in worker compensation costs.

"The partnership will help OSHA to achieve its strategic goal of reducing injuries and illnesses in the shipbuilding industry," said Ray Skinner, OSHA area director in Houston. "Additionally, the partnership should provide a higher level of employee safety and health training."

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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