Cramer Inc. Cited for Alleged Safety, Health Violations

Cramer Inc., Kansas City, Kan., was cited by OSHA for alleged safety and\r\nhealth violations and proposed a penalty of $118,500.

Cramer Inc., Kansas City, Kan., was cited by OSHA for alleged safety and health violations and proposed a penalty of $118,500.

The company manufacturers stuffed, upholstered office chairs and step ladders.

OSHA initiated comprehensive safety and health inspections at the facility in October 2000, according to OSHA regional administrator Charles Adkins, CIH.

Citations were issued for 40 alleged serious violations and two other-than-serious alleged violations under the safety inspection.

The health inspection resulted in 17 alleged serious violations and seven other-than-serious alleged violations.

Alleged serious hazards identified in the safety inspection included such issues as failure to keep the workplace clean, orderly and in good repair; failure to maintain means of egress free of obstructions; failure to control accumulations of flammable and combustible waste; failure to protect workers close to the welding area from ultra-violet radiation rays; and inadequate controls of potentially hazardous energy.

The other-than-serious alleged violations under this inspection related to an incomplete fire prevention plan and failure to mark weight load limits in conspicuous locations.

Under the health inspection, the alleged serious violations involved such issues as inappropriately disposed of and stored combustible waste material; a malfunctioning airflow gauge within the paint spray booth; workers consuming food and beverage in areas with toxic materials present; failure to provide facilities for quick flushing of eyes; failure to conduct initial monitoring for asbestos exposure; and failure to provide effective chemical information and training to employees.

The other-than-serious alleged hazards found in the health inspection included improperly stored spray finishing clothing; unsanitary cleaning practices in employee lunchroom; employees improperly donning respirators; and employees exposed to raw sewage.

The firm has 15 working days from receipt of the citations and proposed penalties to either comply with them or request them.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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