Refinery Cited Following Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

OSHA cited the Valero Refining Co. after two contract employees were exposed to hydrogen\r\nsulfide at the company's refinery in Corpus Christi, Tex.


OSHA cited the Valero Refining Co., San Antonio, Tex., for one alleged willful, one alleged repeat and seven alleged serious violations after two contract employees were exposed to hydrogen sulfide at the company''s refinery in Corpus Christi, Tex. One of the employees died a few days following the exposure.

The agency has proposed penalties totaling $138,000.

Specifically, Valero Refining was cited for:

  • failing to provide adequate personal detection/monitoring equipment for employees working with a possible hydrogen sulfide exposure.
  • lack of fall protection,
  • defective process hazard analyses,
  • deficiencies in the lockout/tagout program, and
  • exceeding peak concentrations and not providing respiratory protection for hydrogen sulfide exposures.

Berry Contracting, doing business as Bay Ltd., Corpus Christi, Tex., was also cited with one willful and six serious alleged violations totaling $94,500 in proposed penalties.

Valero employs approximately 490 workers at its Corpus Christi refinery and about 2,800 employees nationwide.

by Melissa Martin

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