OSHA, Tyson Foods Sign Partnership Agreement

OSHA and Tyson Foods Inc. joined together this week in a landmark\r\npartnership to improve workers safety and health at two of the\r\npoultry processor's facilities.

OSHA and Tyson Foods Inc. joined together this week in a landmark partnership to improve workers safety and health at two of the poultry processor''s facilities.

The five year agreement establishes a joint OSHA/Tyson partnership steering committee that will create milestones designed to reduce the incidence of employee injuries and illnesses at Tyson Foods.

The partnership initially covers two Tyson facilities in Clarksville, Ark., and Monett, Mo.

"The partnership formed today is an example of public-private cooperation that protects America''s workers," said acting OSHA Administrator R. Davis Layne. "We believe the agreement will reduce injuries and illnesses at both of these facilities. And, we''re confident that the lessons learned from the partnership will translate into improved worker protections throughout the entire Tyson family."

John Miles, OSHA regional administrator in Dallas, said, "Management commitment and employee involvement will continue to be central elements to the implementation of an effective safety and health program."

Under the agreement, OSHA will work with senior staff, site management and employees to identify actions that will strengthen the Tyson Foods safety and health programs.

OSHA will also conduct an initial baseline evaluation of each participating site''s safety and health program and produce a report listing compliance issues for correction and recommend areas of improvement.

Tyson commits to continue its work towards the implementation of effective safety and health programs and to abate OSHA violations identified through the partnership.

"We believe this effort will offer new ways and opportunities for us to work together and focus cooperatively on the thing that''s most important to all of the partners -- the health and safety of our team members," said Greg Lee, Tyson Foods chief operating officer.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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