Online Advisor Helps Employers Create Drug-free Workplace

The Department of Labor recently expanded its online\r\nDrug-Free Workplace Advisor to include a new feature called the\r\nProgram Builder.

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently expanded its online Drug-Free Workplace Advisor to include a new feature called the Program Builder.

The Builder gives employers the ability to develop customized drug-free workplace programs for their companies.

The interactive tool guides employers through the components of a written drug-free workplace policy and generates a policy statement based on their selection of options offered by the Program Builder.

Other recently added features include supervisor training and employee education resources on alcohol and drug abuse, including ready-to-use presentation and training materials that feature PowerPoint slides, overheads and handouts.

In addition, the Advisor also helps employers determine if and how they must comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

The Drug-Free Workplace Advisor is one of several online Advisors, known as elaws (employment laws for workers and small businesses), which provide small businesses with free and easily accessible information regarding employment laws administered by DOL.

"The Advisor provides free resources about the many benefits of drug-free workplaces but also provides free resources, including training materials, to help employers develop or expand programs for their companies," said Dr. Roland Droitsch, DOL''s deputy assistant secretary for policy. "This service should be especially helpful for small businesses, which happen to be most vulnerable to workplace drug and alcohol abuse."

The elaws Advisors can be accessed from the DOL Web site at

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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