Merging Ergonomics, Safety in Hospitality Industry

ASSE members offer tips on how to merge the ergonomics approach to safety with the\r\ndelivery of quality guest service.

Tips on how to merge the ergonomics approach to safety with the delivery of quality guest service were given by members of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) during a panel presentation Friday at the 2001 Las Vegas International Hotel and Restaurant Show in Las Vegas.

"We believe that ASSE has the safety professionals with expertise that can enhance safety practices and support quality guest services by sharing key and updated information on new ergonomic initiatives and much, much more all aimed at preventing workplace injuries and fatalities," ASSE member and Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel''s Safety Director Tim Jones said. "We believe that safety professionals can indeed bring value to the hospitality industry."

Four ASSE members presented different perspectives on ergonomics and the hospitality industry during their Friday panel presentation.

Jones discussed merging the ergonomics approach to safety with the delivery of quality guest service. John Cheffer gave an overview of the history of the ergonomics regulation and legislation, as well as share how the ergonomics approach to safety can lead to injury reduction and affect insurance claims and premiums.

Fay Feeney discussed how food and housekeeping services can utilize the ergonomics approach to operating procedures, training, and tools.

Completing the panel was Rob Bee, who presented the Disney experience of applying the ergonomics approach to practicing safety.

ASSE has been very active in the national debate on federal ergonomic standards and plans to participate in the three upcoming public forums to be held by OSHA next month.

ASSE officials believe that cutting edge occupational safety and health management programs are a strong component of any business and positively contribute to an organization''s bottom line profits.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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