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Ohio Employers Urged to Make Safety Top Priority

Ohio Gov. Bob Taft this week launched a public awareness campaign\r\nto highlight the importance of workplace safety.

Ohio Gov. Bob Taft this week launched a public awareness campaign to highlight the importance of workplace safety.

Taft unveiled the safety campaign, "Safety Works for Moms and Dads," at Capital Resin Corp., a Columbus-based specialty chemical manufacturer that has implemented a safety program and related equipment for its employees.

The new workplace safety initiative will be administered by the Ohio Bureau of Workers'' Compensation.

"We are taking an important step to protect Ohio''s working men and women," said Taft. "We are encouraging employers and employees to implement increased safety measures and prevent workplace injuries."

Taft also proclaimed June 24-30, as "Safety Works for Moms and Dads" week in conjunction with the National Safety Council''s establishment of June as National Safety Month.

"We''re serious about making workplace safety a priority," said Jim Conrad, administrator and CEO of the Bureau of Workers'' Compensation. "We want Ohio businesses, workers and families to realize that workplace injuries hurt more than just the worker, they hurt their families as well."

Last year, more than 252,000 Ohioans were involved in workplace injuries and 183 Ohioans died as a result of their injuries.

by Virginia Sutcliffe

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