Texas Shipbuilder Agrees to Pay OSHA Fines

Orange Shipbuilding, of Orange, Texas, has agreed to pay $149,850 in fines and abate\r\nviolations found during an inspection by OSHA.

Orange Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of Conrad Industries Inc., in Orange, Texas, has agreed to pay $149,850 in fines and abate violations found during an inspection by OSHA. The inspection, based on a complaint, began Feb. 2.

Among the violations found by OSHA at the Orange, Texas, facility were failure to provide guardrails around large openings and stair rails on stairs; failure to perform a hazard assessment to determine appropriate personal protective equipment; failure to inspect hoisting and rigging equipment; failure to ensure that respirators were properly fitted to an employee''s face; and failure to have employees medically evaluated prior to respirator use.

A violation was also issued for failing to record injuries and illnesses which were occurring at the facility on the OSHA 200 Log.

Injuries and illnesses such as burns, fractures, lacerations resulting in sutures, chemical exposures and heat exhaustion are required to be recorded.

"In addition to paying the penalty, the company has agreed to correct all violations, hire a full-time safety and health professional and hire an outside auditor to audit their OSHA 200 logs for three years," said Ray Skinner, OSHA area director for the Houston south office.

Orange Shipbuilding employs about 125 workers at is division in Orange. Its parent company, Conrad Industries, is based in Morgan City, La., and employees about 300 employees nationwide.

by Virginia Foran

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