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ASSE Pleased With Henshaw Confirmation

The American Society of Safety Engineers said that it is pleased the Senate has\r\nconfirmed one of its own as the new assistant secretary of Labor for OSHA.

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) released a statement Wednesday saying that it is pleased the Senate has confirmed John Henshaw, an ASSE member, as the new assistant secretary of Labor for OSHA.

"ASSE is very pleased to have a member of our society be confirmed as the head of OSHA," said, Eddie Greer, ASSE president. "John Henshaw is a highly regarded member of ASSE and has been active in promoting initiatives to enhance occupational safety and health and the practice of the profession throughout the United States."

In a recent letter to Senate members, Greer noted that Henshaw is a highly respected safety professional who has dedicated time and resources to effective and efficient occupational safety and health and programs during his career; that he has been active in professional organizations with the mission of trying to ensure that safety, health, and environmental policy, at the state and national level, is based on good science and sound technology; has been actively involved in professional activities where he serves as a mentor and role model; and, is well respected by his peers in the safety profession due to his integrity, dedication, and professional knowledge, which are beyond reproach.

"In addition," Greer added, "Henshaw has significant professional experience in working with a wide variety of stakeholders and colleagues to implement effective occupational safety and health management programs."

Henshaw is a professional member of ASSE from St. Louis, Mo., and prior to his appointment served as the director for environment, safety and health for Astaris LLC, a joint venture of FMC and Solutia Inc.

"This is an extremely important agency for everyone in the country. It is critical to us that our workers are able to return home safely each and every day," Greer continued. "We look forward to working with Henshaw, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and the Bush administration to continue to reduce injuries and fatalities in the workplace."

by Virginia Foran

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