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OSHA Meets With Vikings Officials

Minnesota Vikings representatives met in Mankato, Minn., with state OSHA officials who are investigating the heat stroke death of Korey Stringer in training camp last week.

It is OSHA's job to investigate all workplace fatalities, even if that workplace is a football practice field.

Mike Kelley, the NFL team's executive vice president, trainer Chuck Barta and equipment manager Dennis Ryan met for two hours with OSHA officials to discuss team practices, education, programs, medical treatment procedures and equipment.

Stringer collapsed on the second day of Vikings' training camp in Mankato last week and died at a hospital.

Heat stroke is the most serious health problem for workers in hot environments, according to OSHA. Because the body of a person suffering from heat stroke does not sweat, excess heat is not released, causing the body temperature to rise to dangerous levels.

A victim's skin is warm and dry, and he may be confused, delirious and experience convulsions or loss of consciousness.

Victims of heat stroke will die unless treated promptly. While awaiting medical help, the victim must be moved to a cool area, given plenty of fluids and cooled as adequately as possible.

Edited by Virginia Foran

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