Four Contractors Cited for Safety Violations

OSHA cited a Pennsylvania-based general contractor and three New Jersey subcontractors for allegedly violating federal workplace safety standards.

OSHA cited a Pennsylvania-based general contractor and three New Jersey subcontractors, working at the site of a hotel being constructed in Secaucus, N.J., for allegedly violating federal workplace safety standards.

The proposed penalties total $102,700 for two alleged willful violations and 19 alleged serious violations.

The action results from an investigation initiated in February where the general contractor, Marquis Stevens Inc. of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., is engaged in the construction of a new Hilton hotel.

An OSHA compliance officer who observed serious fall hazards on the site notified the site manager of the danger.

"This employer, despite repeated requests by OSHA, failed to take action to correct several hazards including falls from heights up to 50 feet," said David Ippolito, OSHA area director.

Marquis-Stevens Inc. was cited for the two alleged "willful violations," which carry total fines of $77,000, for failing to provide adequate protection from falls from the building roof and on open-sided floors.

The company faces an additional $9,600 in fines for six "serious violations," including failing to train employees in fall protection and other site-specific hazards, failing to ensure workers wore hard hats and eye protection, allowing employees to work under a suspended load, failing to make sure portable electrical equipment was properly grounded, and failing to provide adequate anchorage for cable lifelines.

Of the three subcontractors, R. Correa Construction Corp. of Kearny and Wall Stucco Inc., of Monroe, were also both cited for a lack of fall protection training and hard hat violations.

R. Correa, which faces $9,600 in fines, also was cited for failing to correctly install the cable lifeline used for fall protection, failing to protect lifelines from mechanical damage, and failure to anchor them to devices with adequate strength.

Wall Stucco, which faces $5,500 in fines, was additionally charged with failing to ensure that scaffolds were fully planked and the scaffolding was erected on firm and even footings. It was also cited for failing to provide safe means of egress from scaffolds.

Valairco Inc. of Green Brook was cited for unsafe use and transportation of compressed gas cylinders, which carries a $1,000 penalty.

by Virginia Foran

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