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Ergonomics Handbook Released

The California Chamber of Commerce is now offering a comprehensive handbook to help companies comply with the Cal/OSHA ergonomics standard.

The California Chamber of Commerce has contracted Humantech Inc. of Irvine, Calif., and Ann Arbor, Mich., to produce "Workplace Ergonomics: A Guide to Reducing Injuries," a comprehensive handbook to help companies comply with the Cal/OSHA ergonomics sandard.

According to Robyn DeMartini of the California Chamber, "Newly revised in 2001, this handbook not only provides companies with tools for meeting the standard but also guides them in creating and managing an effective overall ergonomics program that supports a safe and productive working environment."

The Cal/OSHA standard requires some employers to implement an ergonomics program to prevent repetitive motion injuries (RMIs).

Typical RMIs that result from a repetitive job, process, or operation include: tendonitis, carpal-tunnel syndrome, and degenerative back disease.

"This step-by-step resource assists you in identifying situations that cause RMIs and provides guidance for preventing injuries," said DeMartini.

The 2001 version of "Workplace Ergonomics" contains new sections on developing a written ergonomics program, medical management guidelines, training guidelines, and program effectiveness and documentation.

The handbook also includes numerous forms and checklists to help companies quickly analyze and prioritize ergonomic risk.

To purchase this $79 handbook, contact the California Chamber of Commerce at (800) 331-8877 or visit the safety section of

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