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Construction Supplement

The Construction Safety & Health special edition for readers in the construction industry.

The following stories are part of the print version of Occupational Hazards' construction supplement.

Just like a carpenter needs a hammer, construction workers should consider personal equipment to be necessary tools for their jobs. Is PPE fundamental to your construction safety program. Click here to read more.

Lessons Learned From a Fatality

by William H. Kincaid, P.E., CSP

Don't let history repeat itself. A former OSHA investigator pinpoints easily overlooked steps that could have deadly consequences.Click here to read.

Danger in Both Directions

by Regina McMichael, CSP

Road construction workers face life-threatening hazards from inside and outside the "hot zone." To help reduce fatalities, companies should take steps to guard their employees from moving equipment and traffic. Click here to find out how.

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