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Utah Man Sentenced to Five Years Imprisonment for Environmental Crimes

A Utah man pleads guilty to the unlawful disposal of hazardous waste.

Keith L. Allred of Cedar City, Utah, pled guilty to the unlawful disposal of hazardous waste, a third degree felony under Utah state law. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment and was ordered to pay $35,000 in restitution.

According to authorities, Allred dug a hole at the former Emerald Coach Works in Cedar City, Utah, and placed a 55-gallon drum of methyl ethyl ketone it. The hole was then filled in and covered with cement.

After Allred moved from the property, consent to search was obtained from the current owner of the property and the drum was found. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Emergency Response personnel conducted sampling and the Utah State Health Lab performed the analysis.

The Cedar City Police Department, the Iron County Sheriff's Department and EPA's Criminal Investigation Division investigated the case, which was prosecuted by the Iron County District Attorney and the Utah Attorney General's Office.

edited by Sandy Smith

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