AIHA Sends Annual Report Out into Cyberspace

The American Industrial Hygiene Association has published its first online annual report.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has published its first online annual report.

The 2000-2001 report is accessible at (click on the News and Events scroll), and outlines AIHA successes for the year. Of special note are:

  • Creation of a Products and Services Task Force and the completion of its mission;
  • Effective representation and a high profile for AIHA on key legislative and regulatory fronts;
  • Establishment of the Food Laboratory Accreditation Program (FoodLAP), AIHA's fourth such laboratory accreditation program;
  • Publication of an enhanced line of books and products, including the association's first CD-ROMs;
  • Debut of a redesigned and more user-friendly Web site, with the ongoing addition of new features and capabilities;
  • Completion of another successful AIHce conference and expo in Orlando;
  • An expanding, increasingly technology-driven array of continuing education offerings; and
  • Acquisition of a new ANSI secretariat for development of Standard Z10.

"This is the first time that AIHA has produced a Web-only annual report, in our effort to continue streamlining information delivery," said Executive Director O. Gordon Banks, CAE. "The easy-to-use navigation and simple layout and design make it easy to see quickly all that AIHA is to the occupational and environmental health and safety profession."

Throughout the annual report, online readers may click on numerous links to be connected immediately with more detailed information. They can then use the "back button" (reverse-arrow icon) to promptly return to where they left off within the annual report.

edited by Sandy Smith

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