Haws Corp. Announces Management Change

Terry Haws is named chairman emeritus of Haws Corp., as former company president Michael Traynor takes his place as chairman of the board.

The Haws Corp., one of the world's leading drinking fountain and emergency equipment manufacturers, announced this week that Terry Haws, chairman of the board, will retire to chairman emeritus. Former Haws Corp. President Michael Traynor will take his place as chairman of the board.

"Terry's professionalism has made our company one of the most successful in the industry," said current Haws Corp. President Sallie Van Tassel. "For over five decades, he has dedicated unparalleled leadership and determination to better the company. He has notably increased our business and successfully maintained existing relationships. I am thankful, as well as delighted, that he will remain on our executive team as chairman emeritus."

Terry Haws has dedicated 52 years of service to the Haws Corp. He held several management and executive level positions at the company. In addition to the contributions Haws made to the company, he has been actively involved with local charity work. Sitting on the board of directors at Las Trampas, a non-profit organization in California, Haws has provided supported living and employment for people with developmental disabilities.

Michael Traynor, who will fill the chairman of the board position, began his career at Haws soon after his graduation from the University of California, Berkeley in 1963. He began working as a field salesman in the Southern California office and eventually returned to Northern California, where he became district sales manager. In 1975, Traynor moved from sales to internal office work, holding positions in customer service, marketing, and operations. In the early 80's, Traynor became executive vice president and later, president.

"Michael Traynor is responsible for the expansion of our corporation from Berkeley, Calif., to Sparks, Nev., as well as the introduction of Haws products into the European marketplace. His wealth of sales experience and abundance of energy has allowed our Company to expand to new heights. We are very proud of his accomplishments," explained Terry Haws.

Founded in 1909 and now headquartered in Sparks, Nev., Haws currently employs nearly 150 people at offices in Sparks, Burgdorf, Switzerland; and Singapore. An ISO 9001 company, Haws provides environmentally safe, ADA approved water fountains to thousands of businesses, government offices, and schools both nationally and internationally. The company also designs and manufactures high-quality emergency equipment including drench showers and eyewashes.

edited by Sandy Smith

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