Siemens Recognized for 52 Years of Safety

British Columbia's Workers' Compensation Board honors three Siemens facilities for running accident-free for a total of 52 years.

The Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) recognized 52 years of workplace safety at three Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services locations in British Columbia. The company's Prince George location has had no accidents in 25 years, the Nanaimo facility has gone 15 years accident-free, and Richmond has logged 12 years without an accident.

"This is a remarkable achievement and shows what can be accomplished when employers and workers make safety a priority," said Roberta Ellis, vice president of the WCB Prevention Division, as she presented the certificates to Lawson Crichton, B.C. Operations Manager for Siemens at a reception at the Mayfair Lakes Golf Club in Richmond, B.C..

"We are proud of the effort every worker and member of our management team has made to accumulate 52 years of safety in our three B.C. locations," stated Crichton. "Our workers have demonstrated our commitment to safety as we installed and maintained customer electrical equipment throughout the province." Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services repairs and maintains electrical equipment.

Added Ellis: "Our ongoing goal and commitment is to safer healthier workplaces. Accidents mean needless human suffering and increased financial costs. Siemens Westinghouse is proving that accidents don't need to happen."

The Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia serves nearly 2 million workers and about 167,000 employers.

edited by Sandy Smith

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