DuPont Tyvek, Kappler Safety Group, Form Global Alliance

DuPont's Tyvek organization and Kappler Safety Group enter into an alliance to develop even more advanced forms of protective apparel.

It's a match made in protective apparel heaven.

The DuPont Co., Wilmington, Del., announced this week that its Tyvek organization has entered into an agreement with Kappler Safety Group Inc., of Guntersville, Ala., to acquire Kappler's product line of protective garments for industrial safety applications and to form a global manufacturing alliance.

"This alliance is a positive step for the safety industry and for each of our companies," said Mark Mergnano, global business director for Tyvek. "Over the past 30 years, Tyvek has helped advance worker protection through its expertise in material science, market knowledge, and research and development. The Kappler Safety Group has delivered garment technology and a high level of manufacturing and service for two decades."

According to Mergnano, the merging of the two companies - one on the fabric side and one from the garment side - will create new product developments "that will meet the ever-changing requirements for worker protection."

George Kappler, founder and CEO of the Kappler Safety Group, said he is proud of the technological advances that his company has delivered to the protective apparel industry during the past 20 years and is excited about entering into the alliance with DuPont.

"We look forward to bringing our advanced technology to other product lines in new markets outside of the safety industry," he added.

edited by Sandy Smith

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