Raytheon: 3 Million Hours With no Lost Time and Counting

Raytheon Systems Canada Ltd.'s Waterloo facility works 3 million hours without a lost-time accident and is awarded the company's Environmental Health and Safety Excellence Award.

Raytheon Systems Canada Ltd. (RSCL) announced on Oct. 17 that its Waterloo, Ont., facility has received Raytheon''s Environmental Health and Safety''s (EHS) Excellence Award, in part because of their 3 million hours of work without a lost-time accident. During the company''s celebration, the Industrial Accident Prevention Association will also be providing the Waterloo facility with an award.

"Safety is at the core of the work we do for our customers, and it''s equally important that our employees work in a safe environment. Raytheon works hard each day to make this a reality, and I''m particularly proud of the Waterloo facility for their accomplishment," said David O''Blenis, president of RSCL.

Waterloo General Manager, Martin Gray added, "This significant achievement is a reflection of the commitment of all our employees to safety in our workplace. Our record is an enviable one."

The Waterloo site has more than 350 employees, and their participation in the structure and operation of the EHS program has been critical for its success. In addition, EHS is on the agenda at all executive meetings and all senior managers participate in safety walks throughout the facility.

Raytheon''s Waterloo facility is involved with primary radar system design, development and manufacturing for air traffic control.

by Sandy Smith

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