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Compaq Facility Reduces Injuries With New Management Practices

The Compaq facility in Fremont, Calif., achieves OHSAS 18001 certification and reduces injuries by 30 percent.

The Compaq manufacturing facility in Fremont, Calif., has reduced injuries by 30 percent in the past eight months, the result of its participation in an international occupational health and safety standard - OHSAS 18001.

The standard requires Compaq to conduct an annual risk assessment, using it as a basis to set goals and then put policies and procedures into place to address those goals. It took Compaq six months to integrate OHSAS 18001 into its existing safety and health program. BSI Inc., a third-party registrar, audited the system and registered Compaq''s compliance to the standard.

Compliance with OHSAS 18001 "shows that Fremont is a responsible, world-class factory," said Graham Hall, site director for Fremont Demand Fulfillment. "And it says that we''re committed to continuously improving our processes for manufacturing quality systems; proactively managing our health and safety programs; and preventing adverse effects in the environment as a result of our business activities."

OHSAS 18001 is based on the principle of continuous improvement. By combining the standard with Compaq''s existing safety and health policies and procedures, the Fremont facility was able to maximize the quality of the system. Implementation of OHSAS 18001 has also clearly defined safety and health as the responsibility of everyone at the facility.

The site''s registration enhanced staff morale, said Clive Stallwood, who lead the BSI team that audited Compaq, because it provided "a visible commitment" to the 350 employees that the facility is taking their health and safety seriously.

by Sandy Smith

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