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WCRI Hands Out Award Honoring Workers' Comp Research

Sue Kim wins an award for her dissertation investigating whether different types of workers use medical care differently.

The Workers' Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has awarded the 2002 John Jones Scholar in Workers' Compensation Research to Sue E. Kim of the University of California at Berkeley to support research on her doctoral dissertation. The dissertation investigates whether different types of workers utilize medical care differently or receive different medical care.

In her dissertation, Kim will examine workers' compensation claims in California, and consider differences in workers with different income, occupation, place of residence, gender, etc. According to Kim, the findings of the study can improve treatment guidelines, help insurers and employers to better understand cost controlling measures, and help implement better policies to deliver medical services equitably across claimants with different demands for services.

The award was created by WCRI Board of Directors to recognize the many important contributions of John Jones, one of the founders of WCRI. As senior vice president and general counsel of Wausau Insurance Companies, Jones was a WCRI board member from 1983 through 1998. He served in numerous leadership positions at WCRI, including chairman of the Board of Directors, and helped to shape the success of the Institute in many ways. During his service to WCRI, he embodied the Institute's core values: the importance of unbiased, credible, practical and useful public policy research.

The Workers Compensation Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit research organization providing information about public policy issues involving workers' compensation systems.

edited by Sandy Smith

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