How Connected is Your Corporation to Information Safety?

You work hard to keep employees safe, but have you given a second thought to the safety of all that vital safety-related data you've got stored on your home computer or laptop?

Think about it: Do you spend a lot of time working at home? Consequently, how much vital safety information is stored on your PC at home? On your laptop? On your Palm Pilot?

If you''re like many safety directors, you have valuable information stored on a computer: MSDSs, safety training logs, information from safety inspections, and maybe even OSHA injury logs. Valuable corporate information - such as the information stored on your laptop or PC - is often overlooked when companies examine corporate information protection plans.

The three-day GO MOBILE conference for mobile and wireless technology is being held this week in Phoenix. One of the speakers, Tom Hickman, a senior product manager at Connected Corp., is examing corporate information protection plans and the cost savings and improved productivity associated with better protection of all corporate data - whether that information is stored on laptops, hand-held devices such as Palm Pilots, or remote PCs.

Experts predict that the number of mobile and remote users will grow from 39 million in 2000 to 55 million in 2004. More than ever, corporations have to protect all corporate data assets, especially those that reside unprotected on desktop and laptop PCs. Without data protection and availability, mobile and remote worker productivity suffers at a high cost to corporations, according to Connected Corp., of Framingham, Mass.

"The most vulnerable, and unfortunately often the most critical corporate information is that which is stored on employee laptops," said Hickman. "Connected is on a mission to educate corporations about the 60 percent of corporate data they are leaving unprotected - the data assets that reside out on employee PCs. Until companies realize that they have already ceded half the battle by only backing up data on servers, the total cost of ownership of employee laptops and PCs will remain exorbitant."

Connected Corp. offers a software program, Connected TLM Software, which enables rapid remote backup and system state captures, without user intervention.

For detailed information about Connected TLM, visit

by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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