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Pitney Bowes Named WasteWise Partner of the Year by EPA

Pitney Bowes Inc. has been selected the EPA's WasteWise Program as a Partner of the Year.

Pitney Bowes Inc. has been selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WasteWise Program as a Partner of the Year. This is the fourth consecutive year that Pitney Bowes has been recognized by the EPA and the first year the company was named a "Partner of the Year."

The WasteWise Program was launched by the EPA in 1994 as a voluntary partnership program to help businesses and institutions find practical methods to reduce municipal solid waste, increase recycling, and encourage the buying and manufacturing of products with recycled content.

"Being recognized as a Partner of the Year by the EPA is truly an honor," said Michael J. Critelli, chairman and CEO, Pitney Bowes Inc. "Incorporating environmentally friendly business practices in our products, services and solutions adds to the value we provide our customers, and continues to be a key element of our customer-centric business strategy."

Since initiating the WasteWise program in 1997, the company boasts a 75 percent rate of recycling. It now encompasses 24 participating facilities across five divisions. In 2000, six of the company's facilities began a program to recycle styrofoam products used in food service. This process resulted in a 40 percent reduction of total trash volume at those facilities, and a cost savings of nearly $115,000 in plastics recycling alone.

Pitney Bowes joins other national WasteWise Award winners that include Eastman Kodak Co., Bank of America, Amtrak and the Walt Disney Co.

Pitney Bowes' WasteWise sponsorship is just one element of the company's award-winning environmental strategy. In March 2000, the company was recognized by the EPA as the Green Light's Partner of the Year for its commitment to preserving natural resources and reducing energy consumption through the installation of energy-efficient lighting. It also has adopted new office paper purchasing guidelines in an effort to protect old growth forests, and is a sponsor of, an on-line resource dedicated to the success of business and the environment.

Pitney Bowes is headquartered in Stamford, Conn.

edited by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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