Terrorism Fears Increases Rental of Armored Cars

More executives and just plain folks are turning to armored cars as a way to travel around town.

It''s not your average Brinks truck. The latest in personal transportation is...armored cars. Increasing numbers of people - both executives and average citizens - are turning to armored cars as a way to travel around town.

According to SecureCar Worldwide, an armored vehicle rental company, fear of terrorism has pushed many people to rent armored passenger cars for shopping and day trips. Can the addition of armored cars to company fleets be far behind? Especially for executives who must travel through some unsafe areas.

"We have seen a dramatic increase in average income people who are coming to New York City for the holidays and are worried about problems that they may encounter," says SecureCar president and world-renowned security expert Tony Scotti. "They want a specialized vehicle and a trained driver so that they can relax while they are here enjoying themselves."

SecureCar rents the Mercedes Benz Guard S500. This vehicle is custom designed by Mercedes to withstand hits by various high-powered firearms.

The car also has run-flat tires, composite security glass, integrated armor plating, self-sealing fuel tank, and enhanced suspension.

"People are taking responsibility for their own security since Sept. 11th," says Scotti. "Our job is to make security useable and available to all people who desire to have it."

by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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