NSC Launches Awards for Safety and Productivity Achievements

The NSC launches a new awards program that recognizes companies showing significant improvement in safety performance and productivity due to safety interventions.

The National Safety Council (NSC), in cooperation with Aon Corp. and Cambridge Integrated Services Group Inc., has launched the Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Safety & Productivity program. The competitive award program is open to organizations of all sizes that have shown significant improvement in their safety performance, as well as their productivity, through safety interventions.

To participate, organizations must submit a case study documenting their states of safety and productivity before and after intervention. The program offers financial rewards as well as publication in Case Studies in Safety & Productivity, an NSC publication. Top award winners will present their case studies to an international audience at a special session of the NSC's 2002 Annual Congress & Expo, the world's largest annual convention in the safety industry.

"Safety should be a core value in every organization. The role of safety in improving productivity is an issue that transcends national boundaries," said NSC President Alan C. McMillan. "These awards offer an opportunity to show the world the vital link between safety and productivity."

The NSC's Case Studies in Safety & Productivity publication is a collection of international case studies from various-sized operations. The types of safety and health improvements included in these case studies range from very inexpensive fixes for specific problems to comprehensive company- or plant-wide programs. The common elements in all the studies are that they present measurable safety improvements and measurable productivity improvements.

"Just as our entrepreneurial culture encourages Aon employees to actively participate in building safety performance while improving productivity, we encourage other organizations to accomplish these safety and business goals," said Shari Falkenburg, national risk control managing director at Aon.

George Young, senior vice president, loss control, at Cambridge said his company sees the NSC's Safety & Productivity Awards "as a visible platform to promote the theory that safety diligence and an effective safety program foster improved employee relations and increased productivity."

The award program calls for case study submissions by April 1, 2002. A panel of reviewers, including technical staff from the NSC, Aon, Cambridge, and other industry experts, will recognize those case studies that best exemplify the link between safety and productivity. Winning case studies will receive financial awards and award plaques:

  • 1st Place: $6,000 (one winner)
  • 2nd Place: $4,000 (one winner)
  • 3rd Place: $1,500 (three winners)

In addition to the awards and the opportunity to showcase their organization's success at the NSC's 90th Annual Congress & Expo, scheduled for Oct. 4-11 in San Diego, winners will receive worldwide recognition through features in National Safety Council publications.

Companies are invited to submit workplace case studies demonstrating how their safety interventions have improved their safety performance as well as their productivity. To learn more about the Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Safety & Health and how to share your company's safety successes, please visit the council's Web site at www.nsc.org for additional information and submission materials. In addition, interested parties may contact Kajsa Johnson, the Safety & Productivity Awards Program coordinator, at [email protected]; phone: 630-775-2326; or fax: 630-285-0242.

edited by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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