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Expert Advice for Safe HazMat Transportation

Robert Maberry, manager of chemical transportation safety at Yellow Corp., offers tips for the safe handling and transportation of chemicals.

Robert Maberry is manager of chemical transportation safety for Yellow Corp, a longtime leader in safe and secure chemical transportation.

"At Yellow, we are fully committed to the safe handling and transportation of our chemical shipments and nothing else takes higher priority," he noted at the Chemical Week Transportation & Distribution Conference, held this week in New Orleans.

"In our industry, safety reminders are always welcome and Yellow wants our customers to have the necessary and most current information," Maberry added.

He was on hand to speak with attendees and discuss what trends and obstacles he sees ahead. Maberry represents transportation services companies on the American Chemistry Council Steering Committee for the Responsible Care partners group and is the Yellow Responsible Care coordinator. He is author of "Rules of the Road: Tips for Taking the Anxiety Out of HazMat Shipping."

The article discusses crucial steps that companies can take to ensure that shipments arrive at their consignee on time, damage-free and most importantly, without incident. The steps include:

  • Take extra precautions to make sure that the chemical shipment container or packaging materials are in good condition.
  • Pay careful attention to details when filling out the bill of lading.
  • Make sure that each container or package is labeled. Properly palletize shipments (particularly cartons or bags).
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast when shipping freezables.
  • Be aware that some chemical shipments cannot be loaded on the same trailer.

Yellow provides a toll-free Chemical Help Line which answers questions about compatibility, paperwork or any other questions related to shipping hazardous materials. The number is: 1-800-395-5446, option #2.

by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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