Lockheed Martin Receives Leadership Award from Florida Safety Council

A division of Lockheed Martin is honored for an innovative program to reduce ergonomic injuries.

The Florida Safety Council recognized the Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) division of Lockheed Martin for its outstanding achievements in the field of occupational health and safety in the computerized workplace. EIS provides Information Technology products and services to the Lockheed Martin Corp. to improve their profitability and competitiveness while maximizing operating excellence.

"We are very pleased to recognize Lockheed Martin for their leadership and innovations in workplace health and safety," said Glenn Victor, spokesperson for the Florida Safety Council.

EIS implemented a computerized office ergonomics program created by

Magnitude Information Systems Inc. called ErgoManager, which alleviates employee repetitive stress injuries by measuring their work intensity over time. The program examines employee keystrokes and mouse movements over time. At pre-designated times, the program prompts employees to take short microbreaks or perform a stretch or exercise. These breaks help reduce accumulated fatigue, eyestrain and improve circulation.

The program demonstrates the ideal posture and workstation set-up helping alleviate poor posture and awkward maneuvers which could lead to sore back or the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Lockheed Martin conducted an extensive pilot program, and found that the software helped improve work accuracy by an impressive 59 percent. A similar California study found that the software reduced workplace injuries by 50 percent or more. Lockheed Martin anticipates similar results.

"Lockheed Martin strives to provide our employees with superior tools and technologies to ensure a safe and healthy work environment," said Scott J. Evans, manager of Facilities, Environmental Safety and Health at Lockheed Martin EIS. "Computerized ergonomic tools help protect our employees from risks of workplace injury - which is our major goal - but as a side benefit, can also provide enhancements to our employees'' daily performance."

For more information about the program used by Lockheed Martin''s EIS division, visit www.magnitude.com.

by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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