Fernco Inc. Wins Michigan's Ergonomic Innovation Award

Fernco Inc. of Davison, Mich., is an ergonomic innovator, according to the state's Department of Consumer & Industry Services.

Fernco Inc. of Davison, Mich., received the Ergonomic Innovation Award from the Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services (CIS) this week.

The CIS Bureau of Safety and Regulation's Consultation Education & Training (CET) Division issues the Ergonomic Innovation Award to employers for innovative ideas that have been implemented to reduce worker strain. The CIS Bureau of Safety and Regulation is responsible for administering the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA).

"We are pleased to recognize the Fernco Davison plant for their ergonomic improvements," said CIS Deputy Director Kalmin Smith. "Ergonomic injuries are a significant cause of lost time to Michigan businesses. Companies like Fernco are leading the way in designing work areas that protect workers, while increasing production."

Smith presented the award to the Fernco Davison Safety Committee, which includes Safety Director Roger Redmond, and members Sally Pence, Tuni Wilson, Debby Turnbull, Bill Gifford and Karen Gaboury.

The Fernco Davison plant redesigned their manufacturing area and implemented more than 10 major ergonomic improvements. Some of those improvements include introducing quick mold change equipment at the injection molding machines to eliminate hand tightening; installing mold change tables at injection machines to eliminate heavy pulling and pushing of molds; and retrofitting work station tables to eliminate bending and reaching.

"All of the projects and changes that the Safety Committee has developed would not have been possible without [management's] commitment to provide the safest work environment for their employees," said Redmond.

The Davison plant employs 150 workers on three shifts and produces PVC couplings for plumbing connections. All day shift workers were present during the awards ceremony, which was followed by a lunch celebration. Workers on the other two shifts also will celebrate with lunch and award recognition.

edited by Sandy Smith ([email protected])

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